Let’s Find Some Weird Information about Growing Cannabis

You need to go back to the prehistoric ages, in case there’s a need to identify exact ages of cannabis cropping and consumption. Known as the mother source of famous derivatives like Marijuana, Hashish, Hemp, Hash Oil, all varying from each other with respect to THC content, this plant cultivation is an age old affair. No wonder such an ancient practice will be accompanied by some interesting facts, if not weird.

Two of the most famous personalities in the history of US, used to own farms for growing cannabis. While George Washington was happy with the cannabis gardening process, Thomas Jefferson went few steps further. The first ever declaration of independence was drafted by him on a piece of hemp paper.  So was Betsy Ross, whose famously sewed US flag has got a strong resemblance with Hemp leaves. Indirectly, it used to be a symbol of patriotism then.  


Don’t be shocked if you are told that marijuana can strengthen your lung capacity and functionality. There’s more surprise in store; these products are responsible to put up a fight against carcinogenic substances like nicotine, a lethal constituent of tobacco. Although it’s still early days of research and development, yet the scientists seem convinced with the cancer fighting ability exerted by cannibinoids and THC.

You may have heard a lot about psychoactive cannabis while growing them.  Psycho-activity refers to mind and mood alteration, and the impact is subject to presence of THC content in different derivatives. Marijuana is your very own tablet formulation, often referred as patent form of cannabis. Dried and dehydrated resins of cannabis, generally found in small sized lumps are nothing but Hashish. It contains more THC than Marijuana, but the strongest fellow is Hash Oil.

When you think about cropping of cannabis, there comes another amazing observation. Besides ease of cultivation (you can actually grow it on paper, rope, clothes or anything else) and lesser space requirement, this plantation can increase soil fertility.

It’s not that cannabis is always injurious to health. The effect depends on the variety you are consuming. In accordance, the process for cultivation should vary.


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