Get Assured Success In Growing Magic Mushrooms With Our Easy to Grow Mushroom Growing Kit

As more and more people are trying to grow their own mushrooms to enjoy fresh mushrooms grown in and clean environs, reputed plant stores like ours have come up with exquisite kits to make the procedures pretty easy and simple. Now even you can get assured success ingrowing magic mushrooms with our easy to grow mushroom growing kit. For many people the entire procedure that goes into growing magic mushrooms successfully appears to be too cumbersome. It is for such people who are extremely fond of indoor gardening, but are terrified of time consuming procedures that such activities require, that we have come up with the three different types of kits.

If you are very keen to grow your own mushrooms, but have no time to go about taking care of the shrooms during the growing stage, then the best option for you is to get an easy mushroom growing kit available at leading plant stores like ours.

There are various types of kits available. You can pick up one which needs no sterilization. No inoculation, incubation. All you have to do is simply buy the kit, poke a few holes into the substrate and keep it on a big plate full of water. Your magic mushrooms will start blooming within a few days.

Then there’s the kit which has the sterilization of the substrate already done for you, along with the mushroom spores injected. All you need to do is pick up one such kit from our stores and place it in a cool dry place for the substrate to colonize.

After the entire substrate colonizes, you will need to take out the substrate from each jar and place them in the final terrarium for the mushroom buds to grow.

The third type of kit has only the substrate ready with the right proportions of raw materials mixed and sterilized that are filled into the jars. You will have to inoculate, leave the colonized substrate to incubate in the terrarium and wait for the yield. You will get at least 3 to 4 successful yields if correct procedures and instructions are followed. Each of the three types of kits that are available at our stores is of superior quality. We provide only top quality seeds and the mushroom spores available at our stores are always taken from the best variety in the market. There are thousands of satisfied growers who had sought our help and used our magic kits.

We also have all the materials that you will require if you want to go into the procedure of growing magic mushrooms yourself. Every little help and guidance will be provided to you right from day one till you get your own full bloom of magic mushrooms.


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